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PlayerSDK_V6.3.0.2(for Windows 64-bit)

Software Name : PlayerSDK_V6.3.0.2(for Windows 64-bit)

Software Size :

Software Description : The Player SDK (hereby referred to as “The SDK” or “The player SDK”) is the secondary development kit for the decoding of HIKVISION DVR, DVS and IP devices, etc.

The SDK supports video/ audio decoding from all the devices listed below:

  1. DS-95xx/96xx series and DS-76xx series NVR;
  2. DS-90xx series and DS-76xx series hybrid DVR;
  3. DS-91xx series, DS-81xx/71xx/72xx series, DS-80xx/70xx series, DS-73xx series
  4. DVR; ATM DVR and mobile DVR;
  5. DS-60xx series, DS-61xx series, DS-63xx series, DS-64xx series, DS-65xx series and DS-66xx series DVS, Decoder and Encoder;
  6. DS-40xx/41xx/42xx/43xx series compression card;
  7. IP devices: IP module, IP camera and IP Speed Dome, etc

The main functions of the Player SDK include real time live view of video stream, playback of recording files with control functions such as pause, step forward, step backward, etc; and the SDK can also get stream information such as file index, decoding frame info, resolution and frame rate, etc. The SDK also supports snapshot in BMP or JPG format.