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Hikvision Provides Prime Security for 2008 Olympics

Olympics2008, celebrated from Aug. 8 to Aug. 24, 2008 in Beijing, China, gathered hundreds of thousands of athletes, state officials, as well as journalists and tourists. Naturally, security is the top priority to guarantee a safe and smooth Olympic Games.


The priority in security for Olympics is to have a centralized platform to manage the surveillance systems in "Bird Nest", the National Olympics Stadium, and to help ensure absolute security for those involved in all aspects of the Games.

In addition, at Olympics venue's security control center, security staffs need to keep an eye on all events within and around the premise.Real-time viewing and high-definition playback features of surveillance products, therefore, is one of the major concerns.


Plenty of corporations in security industry are eager to get a foothold in Olympics. Hikvision, the leading digital surveillance products supplier with the headquarters in China,was selected to provide its high-definition DVRs and technical supportsto enable themonitoringsolutions for the Games. As a professional leader in digital surveillance, Hikvision created a large-scale DVR network, which consists of a large quantity of HikvisionDS-8008HF-S Network DVRs with the-state-of-the-art H.264 video compression algorithm,as well as DS-8004HF Encoders and DS-8024MD Decoding Servers, in "Bird Nest".

Polo Cai, vice president ofHikvision, said the company wanted to "share the passion for the Olympicswith people around the world via our H.264 technology."

DS-8008HF-S, Hikvision's third generation Network DVR, has 8-channel video input and 8-channel audio input with each video channel supports up to D1 recording in real time, which is a perfect match to the requirement of the Olympics' security concerns in high-definition video quality. Another highlight is its multi-zone motion detection and mask functions to mask sensitive areas, which fits into different security and privacy concerns of the Olympic Games. If there is anyone trespass the restricted areas of the Olympics, the system would automatically trigger the security cameras to follow the objects, and send out alerts for security personnel to take control of the potential threat. This supervision can extend up to 10 kilometers from the venue in order to provide the most secured environment for the crowd.

The surveillance video footage, moreover, is made available to Beijing's public security control network. According to Yonglin Feng, a leading police official in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and all the videos can be transmitted to the municipal public security bureau and all the sub-bureaus around the district. "Previously, we could only communicate via radio. Now, thanks to Hikvision’s remarkable surveillance products and solutions, we can see clearly about what’s going on within and around the Olympics venue and to ensure the safety of the guests of the Games."

"Hikvision is honored to provide the reliable security technologies for one of the world’s premier events," said Yangzhong Hu, president of Hikvision Digital Technology. "Our involvement in Olympicsaccentuates our commitment to providing sophisticated and practical surveillance products that streamline efficiencies while maintaining an appropriate safety and comfort level."