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Hikvision Secures Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train

Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train, the first Magnetic Levitation Train in commercial operation in the world, fully meets the requirement of high-speed transportation infrastructure with large capability of passengers. With the advantages of high-speed, low energy consumption and little impact to environment, magnetic levitation train has been providing incredible convenience for thousands of people every day. Ensuring the safety of passengers as well as maintaining a normal operation of the unique train, therefore, is critical for Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train.


The priority in security for Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train is to have a centralized platform that supports real-time viewing and locates the trains promptly, so that the security staff can easily get to know the security status in real time.


After a thorough investigation and research, Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train Project decided to use the products from Hikvision, the leading digital surveillance products supplier with the headquarters in China, to guarantee the safety of the trains. There are 15 sets of Hikvision DS-8004HMF-12 Network DVRs equipped in the surveillance system of the project.

Hikvision DS-8004HMF-12 Network DVR, which is specially designed for mobile applications, adopts H.264 video compression technology to enhance efficiency of data processing and supports real‐time viewing and playback with the resolution up to 4CIF. One of the unique features of DS-8004HMF-12 is that it hasthe capability to check the operation status of the device – the standalone LED on the device will turn off while the device is in malfunction, which benefits the staffs to check the operation status of the surveillance system in the train easily. This also makes Hikvision DS-8004HMF-12 a versatile and cost-effective mobile solution for Magnetic Levitation Train application, where deployment and implementation are always challenging.

Apart from the said features, there is a GPS module embedded in the DVR, so that the security staff can find out the locations of the train via e-map on client software.Besides, alert signal can be sent out for security personnel to take necessary actions when there is an emergency.

Utilizing Hikvision's DS-8004HMF-12 to get high quality surveillance coverage in the magnetic levitation trains has now enhanced the trains' security by providing a secured environment for passengers and staff. As transportation surveillance is becoming more and more critical and transportation departments are now more dependent on surveillance system to detect crime, there is a virtually limitless future for DS-8004HMF-12 DVR as well as other mobile DVRs.