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Pakistan's National "Jewel" Protected by Chinese Friend, Hikvision

When a major exhibition comes to Pakistan, there is a very good bet it will be held at the Pakistan - China Friendship Centre (in Urdu: پاکستان چین دوستی مرکز‎).

This Pakistan - China Friendship Centre is a 1500ft X 900ft modern, state-of-the-art exhibition or convention center located roughly 3km from the Aiwan-e-Sadr (Pakistan's Presidential Palace). Further underscoring the political importance of this exhibition hall was its opening: on December 18, 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Pakistan to co-inaugurate this massive facility with his Pakistani counterpart, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza.

As important as this aspect is, there is also a day-to-day practical standpoint of equal importance. Not only is this convention center a physical testament to these two nations' All Weather Friendship, but it is the premier facility for any convention of note that comes to Pakistan. Be it art or automobiles, it will likely be displayed in this convention center.

However, from a purely architectural standpoint, "This Centre is one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Pakistan, regardless of size, function, or any other quantifier. It really is a jewel in the middle of Islamabad," noted Kamran Rashid, CEO of Digital Links - Hikvision's official Distributor in Pakistan, and the Pakistani company that provides after-sales security support for this facility.

Not All Fun & Games

Despite all of these wonderful attributes ... a symbol of political pride, a commercial centerpiece, and a meeting place for the arts of this country and others ... the reality is that security is a very important aspect for both this convention center, and city that surrounds it.

Following the thematic line of these countries' friendship, this is where Digital Links and Hikvision literally helped. Working from the outside in, Mr. Rashid began with perimeter security, and Hikvision's DS-2CC192P(N)-IRA 540TVL Weatherproof IR Bullet Camera. "This camera is placed both on poles and on the sides of the expo center, but the biggest factor for us in choosing this model is its up-to 110m IR range. It allows us to use a smaller overall number of cameras, but achieve a greater area of coverage than most outdoor cameras provide," explained Mr. Rashid.

Additionally, since lighting conditions tend to oscillate due to issues with brownouts, a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) mechanism is in place to take advantage of the DS-2CC192P(N)-IRA's infrared capabilities during these periods. Furthermore, the 540 TVL model was chosen to take full advantage of Hikvision's DS-8116HFI-S Standalone DVR's up-to 4CIF real-time recording - assuring that the finest possible image quality is achieved.

Moving indoors, Hikvision's DS-2CC192P(N)-IRT 540TVL Weather Proof IR Bullet Camera was chosen to guard the convention center's halls, conference rooms, and other public meeting spaces. "It's very important for security personnel to be able to zoom onto details, be they individuals or something else; hence we chose the DS-2CC192P(N)-IRT for its vari-focal lens, and the fact that it has an up-to 40m IR range ... these halls can be quite large, so in this environment, IR is not only helpful, but crucial," noted Mr. Rashid.

However, before a patron enters into any of these formidably large convention halls, they must first enter the main building. And when they do, Hikvision's DS-2CC197P(N)-A(-C) High-definition WDR Color Camera provides the coverage for these main entrances. With such a large facility, there are a number of "main entrances." Eight, in fact. Also due to the size of the convention center, all of these entrances are quite large. Hence, the DS-2CC197P(N)-A(-C)'s ability to provide a wide view to see everything, products and people, entering the facility was paramount.

Also paramount was this camera's 160x Wide Dynamic Range feature: a feature allowing the bright outdoor sun, contrasted against the darker inner lobby areas where the cameras are located, not to visually impede the video images security relies upon to make their decisions.

Finally, Hikvision's DS-2CC192P(N)-IR 540TVL Weatherproof IR Bullet Camera is the general tool of choice for the Centre's security staff. Placed liberally throughout the facility's corridors, and other largely innocuous areas, the DS-2CC192P(N)-IR's infrared functionality provides the same service for dimly-lit areas, as does its IP66 rating - with its other Hikvision brethren used in this solution. One might ask: Why have an IP66 camera indoors? The answer: You never know. Especially in an environment where change happens quickly.

Cherry on the Top

Finally, returning to the previously-mentioned DS-8116HFI-S Standalone DVR. Picked because it can support 16 channels apiece, and 96 cameras in total (when all DVRs are added together); both quality and redundancy are utilized. Due to the rather large recording requirements of this facility, the DS-8116HFI-S's up-to 8 SATA HDDs at 2TB each provides the 30 days of recorded-video requirement; and the total number of DVRs provides backup, should one DVR experience difficulties.

Furthermore, "With iVMS software, we can combine 6 DVRs into one system, allowing the IT Supervisor to utilize the entire system, both easily and efficiently, making sure everything runs the way it should," summed up Mr. Rashid.