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Pakistan's University of Agriculture Maximizes Environment with Hikvision

Pakistan's University of Agriculture, located in Faisalabad - the country's third-largest city, was established in 1961 to cultivate an agricultural research facility of higher learning for both Pakistan's Punjab region and the nation at large. Additionally, as the school's name indicates, the University of Agriculture, serves as Pakistan's premier agriculture university. And as such, this university serves as the nation's foremost vehicle to disseminate agricultural research to both students, and the general public, through conventional college courses and a unique outreach/public service system.

However, being one of the nation's premier institutions does not change the facts on the ground; Pakistani parents are very concerned for their children's safety. Khuram Chohan, Chief Technical Engineer at Digital Links (Hikvision's official Pakistani distributor) elaborated, "Pakistan has a great many progressive elements, however there is still an element of fear ... and safety is a very present issue, regardless of a person's particular station in life."

The University of Agriculture is not immune to these concerns. To both combat this negativity and help foster a learning environment copasetic to the institution's goals, Hikvision's DS-2CE16C2P(N)-IT3 720TVL PICADIS EXIR Bullet Camera and DS-7332HI-SH Standalone DVR were installed to establish a CCTV system that would:

  • secure the overall safety of students and faculty
  • provide surveillance for the 7.9 square kilometer campus
  • foster a learning environment that equals the university's prestige; eliminate outside negative influences; and do so within the resources the state provides

Safer Classrooms

Among the university's various departments, the Business Management and Computer Science schools are particularly renowned. Physically reflecting this reality is the extensive placement of Hikvision's DS-2CE16C2P(N)-IT3 720TVL PICADIS EXIR Bullet Camera.

Mr. Chohan explains, "We've put this camera throughout the infrastructure of both school's facilities ... especially in these buildings' hallways."

He continued, "As with many universities, much of the architecture is, in a sense, classical. While beautiful, it does not always lend itself to optimal lighting conditions. These hallways are a perfect example of this issue ... however we still require great resolution. The DS-2CE16C2P(N)-IT3's EXIR 40m provides much better resolution and low-light performance in these conditions than a typical analog LED camera ... regardless of architectural and lighting challenges."

Safer Campus

"Maximum 720TVL high resolution," Mr. Chohan said. This is the reason the DS-2CE16C2P(N)-IT3 was selected to provide overall university perimeter security.

Specifically, maximum resolution over the university's main entrance gate, campus grounds, parking area, and the school's main cafeteria facility.

For security purposes, the university's separates this solution from IT's general responsibilities.

Hence, to maximize benefits and minimize constraints, this analog solution allows security personnel optimal video images, and fulfills its chief solution requirement: great resolution.

Additionally, in this security center, is Hikvision's DS-7332HI-SH Standalone DVR.

Partly chosen for its up-to 32-ch video input "so we can add more Hikvision cameras later, if needed. This solution is not set-in-stone ... instead it has the ability to grow," noted Mr. Chohan. "Our security control room now uses Hikvision's iVMS-4200 to view 64 cameras all on one PC screen."

And with these on-staff 24/7 guards, this equation adds up to an entire campus being protected with maximum HDMI/VGA output at 1920×1080P resolution; an assurance the university's students - and Pakistan's future - is always well guarded.