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Hikvision Providing Security and Confidence Tools for South African Campus

May 13, 2014--It seems there isn't a week that goes by where some type of horrific school-related incident is in the news. This phenomena isn't linked to any country, but the unfortunate script usually includes someone - often a student - arriving on campus intent on doing harm to fellow classmates and faculty. ...
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India's New Delhi University Turns to Hikvision for CCTV Solution

March 26, 2013--They say good things come to those who wait. For Akshat Srivastava, CEO at the Indian-based electronic security company Alvarion Vision, this motto could not have been truer. When a government-sponsored CCTV solution project at the Delhi College of Arts & Commerce and the Shiva Ji College – bo...
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Hikvision's High-end Quality and Variety Make a Difference in Malaysia

February 16, 2012--The global economy is currently facing a number of challenges – this should come as little surprise to anyone. As such, the onus on many companies to look for a competitive business edge is greater than ever. Maureen Khoo, Project Manager at IS Solutions and Consultancy Sdn Bhd in Malaysia (the c...
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Hikvision Gives Japan a Culturally and Technically Relevant Solution

December 01, 2011--In 2003, Kyoto University opened its third campus. This new area, labeled the "Katsura Campus", is notable for the distinctly forward-thinking mentality in which it approaches education. Nicknamed a "Techno-science Hill", this campus architecturally blends both Kyoto's natural beauty with the univer...
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Pakistani Creativity and Hikvision's High-Technology a Winning Combo

August 11, 2011--Historically, the issue of security has always been one of prime importance to Pakistan. There are a number of reasons, both on a macro and micro level, which underscore this importance. Yet recently, security issues have taken on a heightened, almost acute, level of importance. One Pakistani socio...
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Hikvision Protects Students and Staff at College in Massachusetts

February 04, 2010--Massasoit Community College caters for over 7,000 students. The institution is one of the largest community educational establishments within the Massachusetts Public Higher Education system and offers a variety of degree courses in vocational disciplines and the liberal arts as well as part-time pr...
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Pakistan's University of Agriculture Maximizes Environment with Hikvision

August 04, 2014--Pakistan's University of Agriculture, located in Faisalabad - the country's third-largest city, was established in 1961 to cultivate an agricultural research facility of higher learning for both Pakistan's Punjab region and the nation at large. Additionally, as the school's name indicates, the Unive...
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