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DS - 19S0 0 - 04 S (G x ) Series

Profession al - Grade Analog HD Video Al

Key Features

  • Support 4-ch analog HD video input, Support dual-stream;
  • Support 1-ch VGA output, 1-ch HDMI output;
  • Support 4-ch audio input, 1-ch audio output, 1-ch two-way audio, 1-ch loudspeaker;
  • Support 8-ch/16-ch alarm input of sensor;
  • Support 4-ch local alarm output of sensor, 16-ch expandable;

DS - 19A08 - BN (G) Series

Professional - Grade Network Alarm Host

Key Features

  • Support 8/16 sensor alarm input;
  • Support 4-ch local sensor alarm output, 8/16-chexpandable;
  • Support scheduled arming/disarming function of 8 periods;
  • Support 1 public subsystem and 8 subsystems;
  • Support tamper alarm of host and detector;

DS - 19A08 - F/Kx

Commercial - Grade Network Alarm Host

Key Features

  • Support 8 zones input;
  • Equipped with LED/LCD keyboard;
  • Support 1-ch local alarm output , 9-ch expandable;
  • Support scheduled arming/disarming function;
  • Support 1 public subsystem, 8 subsystems;



Key Features

  • DS-6901UDI Provides HDMI, VGA, and BNC output interfaces
  • DS-6904/08/10/12/16UDI provide HDMI (adaptable to DVI-D) and BNC output interfaces
  • Up to 4K (3840 x 2160@30Hz) via HDMI output interfaces (only for even interface)
  • H.265, H.264 and MPEG4 video compression
  • DS-6901UDI supports 2-ch@12MP, 4-ch@8MP, 6-ch@5MP, 10-ch@3MP, 16-ch@1080p simultaneous decoding